Client Engagement – Introduction

Welcome to the “Client Engagement” Section.

This section includes our Client Engagement LetterClient Data Sheet and Our Privacy Policy.

These Client Forms are for new and existing clients.  Recent Federal Regulations require us to have a signed Engagement Letter and a signed Affirmation (see next paragraph) of all Client Information provided to us, your Tax Preparer.  As stated in the Client Engagement Letter, it is your responsibility to provide all the information necessary for preparation of complete and accurate returns.  We will do all we can to provide you with the most complete and accurate Tax Return possible.

We require all Clients to sign the Client Engagement Letter and either the Client Data Sheet, or the Taxpayer Primary Information page, located in our Tax Organizer section. Please review the Tax Organizer section if you feel you need further information and/or reminders to help you provide us with all the necessary tax information possible.

The Client Data Sheet is intended to be a framework to help you organize your tax information. Please review the Tax Organizer  sections in case they may apply because of changes in your tax/financial/personal situations.  Also, do not duplicate your efforts. If you can send me .pdf files of your documents, then you need not complete the section pertaining to those documents.  However, please list the payers name as shown on the document in the appropriate box of the organizer for cross reference.

Client Portal – SecureDrawer by eFileCabinet®

We use the Client Portal Secure File Sharing Service designed to rapidly deliver, receive and track your important files via the online web. This Client Portal provides a secure solution to upload, download, manage and share your documents with us.

Please contact us for additional information. We believe in providing the most secure means of transferring our clients information.