Filing tax returns can be tough.  Income Tax Express NM helps Albuquerque residents get the results they need when filing taxes.

Individual Tax Returns include all schedules and all States.  Special experience for the self-employed and those that have an office in the home.  We specialize in doing taxes for Individuals and all Small Businesses.  We have decades of experience working in, and for, various types of small businesses.  We will help you get the most deductions for your tax benefit.

Tax Services:

Individual and Business Tax Returns for the following entity types are available:

  • Individual Form 1040 and all supporting schedules.
  • S-Corporation – Form 1120s.
  • Sole Proprietor – Form 1040 Schedule C.
  • C-Corporation – Form 1120.
  • Partnership – Form 1065.
  • LLC – one of the above: Form 1120s, Form 1120, Form 1065 or Schedule C.
  • Federal Taxes and All States Taxes.

IRS and State Tax Problem Solving Services:

We will analyze your Tax Problems to find out the sources and causes, review each situation and reach the best conclusion for your Personal Circumstances:

  • Non-Filed Income Tax Returns.
  • Back Tax Liability.
  • Tax Levy and Tax Liens.
  • Tax Wage Garnishment.
  • Tax Representation.
  • Offer in Compromise and Installment Agreement.
  • Tax Audit and Tax Negotiation.
  • Collection Enforcement Representation.
  • Innocent Spouse and Injured Spouse Filings.

Tax Specialties:

  • Prior Year and Multiple State Tax Preparation.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Tax Preparation.
  • Corporate and Partnership Returns.
  • All State Returns prepared and E-filed.
  • Amended Returns.
  • Small Business Returns.
  • All Personal, Corporate and Partnership Returns E-filed Free.

Tax Fees and Discounts

Tax return preparation fees are based on the forms and schedules prepared, without regard to the amount of your tax refund or the time taken to prepare your return.  Our fees are lower than most of the major tax preparation services or the major CPA firms.  If you are not satisfied, you may choose not to accept or file the tax returns we prepare, and you will not be charged any fees.

Special Discounts for Tax Preparation: (Only the best offer per customer.)

  • Save 20% on our Tax Preparation Fees for all New Clients. (Value $36. or More.)
  • Save 25% for All Returning Clients. (Value $45. or More.)
  • Only $65 for Full-time Students and e-filing of both Federal and One State return.  To qualify, simply show a Federal Form 1098-T showing  “at least half-time student” in Box 8 and that you are an unmarried traditional student.  Additional states only $15.
  • Save 50% for Active Military, Disabled Vet’s and Emergency First Responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc.). (Value $90. or More.)
  • Save 30% for Senior Citizens (age 62+). (Value $54. or More.)
  • Save 50% for Dependent Child of paid clients. (Value $90. or More.)
  • Save 25% for Prior Year’s Tax Returns.  Free Review of your prior year’s  returns.  You may be eligible for additional refunds by filing an Amended Return.  You are not obligated to have us prepare or amend your prior year’s taxes. (Value $45. or More.)

Tax Consulting and Problem Solving Services:

Our Fees are based on an hourly Rate of $85. per hour with the minimum hours per situation as shown:

  • Initial Consultation, first 30 minutes free, a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Tax Lien, Tax Levy and Wage Garnishment, a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Installment Agreement without needed financial statements, a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Installment Agreement with needed financial statements, a minimum of 7 hours.
  • Tax Representation, Tax Audit, Tax Appeal and Negogiation, a minimim of 10 hours.
  • Offer in Compromise, a minimum of 10 hours.

Additional Travel and Direct Expenses to be billed in addition to hourly rates.

Our Guarantee to all our valued Clients:

  • Accuracy:  We will provide the most accurate return and the largest refund possible.  If we make any errors in your return we will correct your return and reimburse you for any penalties and actual interest you incur.  You will still be responsible for any additional taxes that would have been due had the error not been made.
  • Satisfaction:  If you are not satisfied with our tax return services and you choose to neither file them nor allow us to correct your concerns, we will refund your fees in full.
  • Assistance:  We are available all year to answer any tax questions you may have.  Should your tax return be audited, we will help you prepare for the audit and serve as your advisor (not your legal representative) to help explain how the return was prepared.  We will help you handle any IRS and state tax return correspondence that you get, including audits, letters and inquiries about your tax return.
  • Secure Client Communications:  All your correspondence and tax information is handled by using the Client Portal – SecureDrawer by eFileCabinet®.  Please contact us for additional information.